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Necktar 2017 Volume 4 is out

Necktar 2017 is a massive, free metacompilation of hors normes music produced by Le Colibri Nécrophile / Earsheltering / H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record.

Sinusal has contributed to Necktar 2017 Volume 4. Here is the official page with contributors list and links. Below is a preview of what is available on archive.org (yes, the first track is a three hours and half piece of noise. The rule is there is no rule).

A mere journey through time,
the great work of anachronistic alchemists,
the apiary of a network of precognitifs,
the magnetic murmur of a quantum flaw,
a vortex of antimatter annihilating all listeners’ dogmas,
a dream above the Earth passing through the Unconscious,
a psychotropic meditation resetting the consciousness,
an early bud of the new era…